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It’s Not Enough To Just Do Something… YOU’VE GOT TO BECOME IT, FULLY. That means taking risks. Abstaining from everything that holds you back. Having relentless faith that cannot be shaken. And giving up the security you think you need. You Are Your Dream. You are your perception of the world. You are your environment. This piece will help you let go of the world-view of saftey and security. And guide you to the taste of true freedom… It’s a reminder that you’re not trying to be something you’re not… That you already are that which you desire… the being we think, plan, will, and behave into life. If that “ineffable something” is blocked in any percievable way… Beit fear… Security… Circumstance… This is a reminder created specifcally for you. You’re already there, act as if it is so… And see for yourself.

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