The infinite Multi-Dimensions of Time and Possibility

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Deep down you understand everything has a season, a cycle, and a time in which certain phases occur. Not just in nature, but in our lives too. This piece captured over 3 years of documenting, dancing, and studying the cycles associated with growth, mastery, and perseverance. Within this one drawing, over 3,000 incredible hours have been woven into the fibers of a piece of illustration board that began as literally nothing. This is the masterpiece work of art that encapsulates each lesson of the Dreamscape Series and is still in progress to this day... over 7 years in the making. It represents the vastness of human experience and what's possible with the focus and attention we have available to us. It's like us, in that we are never truly finished, but always under construction. Never free from the responsibility of how we choose to live, never free from the duties of our talents, gifts, and abilities, and forever convicted by natural law to create more of who we are right now. This piece is here to send a message that it is up to you to live up to your fullest potential and ensure you do not harm humanity, because life is the greatest gift ever created and it is to be loved and cherished.

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