That's Life

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We Understand Rock Bottom Hurts A wise man once said... “Problems create strong men, strong men build wealthy nations. Wealthy nations create weak men, and weak men cause problems.” Look around you and you’ll see in the world there exists a pattern of seasons. Seasons that occur on a predictable and measurable scale. Having life within us… The Pattern Can Again Be Found There's a time for us to experience weakness… Like when we couldn’t walk right out of the womb. Or how it took us years to learn to talk. When later in life… It becomes living for the weekend, vacations, or days off. Too many video games and movies,,, Or keeping a job you hate, so you can have nicer things and eat as often as you desire. If you’re in a valley now and feel weak and vulnerable… Like you too have made decisions from weakness... This piece is a reminder that it’s only a season. Things Will Get Better.

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