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We get it... no one likes their world crashing down upon them… No one wants to feel the deep sinking feeling of grief, pain, or the torment of suffering. Alas, life is full of negative spaces. It’s full of things and circumstances that are completely out of our control. In a sense, the world and our lives are a chaotic masterpiece. This piece is a reminder that even if your life is in turmoil right now… You can still make something beautiful out of it. How will you see the world differently with this on your wall? Created during a period full of loss… This is the embodiment of, not just the bright side of things, but the beauty in them. No matter how hard it is to find… It’s a reason to keep searching. We call it “Nonsense” because the idea of searching for beauty amongst the suffering seems absurd. Even if it does seem that way right now… You’ll look back at this moment knowing it was the big shift you needed to catapult your life into an incredible season of growth and breakthroughs. High quality print Matted Framed Masterpiece glass Certificate of Authentication Display Placard

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