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What if you already knew what was going to happen... as if the future had passed long ago? Predestinated is the belief and faith in the unseen, ultimate trust in love and abundance. A serene release of fears and anxieties. An explosive, life-altering epiphany of revelation. You're deeply treasured and loved, your entire life has been planned and created by an eternal love far deeper than any ocean. Much like this drawing, you are a masterpiece with the ability to choose to experience that great gift or surrender your life to the suffering and pains of our existence and forfeit the perfection predestinated for you. This piece is intended to remind you of the deep awe that you are loved, how incredible is that?
$ 4,997.00 USD
The Origin and Perception of Life
In a single explosion of light, the moment your father's seed and your mother's egg combined... life sprang forth. This piece is a reminder that this is not a one time event, but an on-going process that's occurring with every thought that enters our minds. A literal explosion that leads to the life of memories, perceptions, behaviors, characteristics, abilities, and faith. It's a warning and a wake-up call, that how you do and be these things are far more important than we can fathom to realize. This is for the master-in-the-making, or the soul discovering their duties and responsibilities of our creative life-force.
$ 7,997.00 USD
The infinite Multi-Dimensions of Time and Possibility
Deep down you understand everything has a season, a cycle, and a time in which certain phases occur. Not just in nature, but in our lives too. This piece captured over 3 years of documenting, dancing, and studying the cycles associated with growth, mastery, and perseverance. Within this one drawing, over 3,000 incredible hours have been woven into the fibers of a piece of illustration board that began as literally nothing. This is the masterpiece work of art that encapsulates each lesson of the Dreamscape Series and is still in progress to this day... over 7 years in the making. It represents the vastness of human experience and what's possible with the focus and attention we have available to us. It's like us, in that we are never truly finished, but always under construction. Never free from the responsibility of how we choose to live, never free from the duties of our talents, gifts, and abilities, and forever convicted by natural law to create more of who we are right now. This piece is here to send a message that it is up to you to live up to your fullest potential and ensure you do not harm humanity, because life is the greatest gift ever created and it is to be loved and cherished.
$ 9,997.00 USD
Cognizance Continuance
Created with the intention to bring joy and inspiration in times of loss... this piece is for those who've lost someone special to them. It's a special reminder to focus your mind on the pure awe that this person existed at all... and that you had the pleasure of being at the same moments they did. This piece was created to pour awe into your soul, plant a seed of gratitude, and instill a great sense of peace as you realize this being you love and cherish so much isn't really gone at all... because the miraculous event of life means their energy is more concentrated than ever before as their life force leaves the body and enters all of existence -- like a hug that never stops, they're all around you.
$ 5,997.00 USD
From Conception to Attainment
A journey of ten thousand miles begins and ends with a single step and behind every worthy experience or achievement in life there's an invisible mountain of digging deep, overcoming, persisting, struggling, fighting to push just a little bit harder, a little bit longer, and becoming the impossible. Yet, it's a reminder to enjoy every moment completely, because the end is never the end. Live now, as if you have everything you've ever desired and act as if this journey is the reward greater than the sum of all the riches in the known universe. It's the paradox of work and play and a reminder to never separate the two. For those who love what they do and an inspiring vision for the future of humanity that it is indeed possible to love what you do for work and merge life and work into the experience you'll dance from bed to live fully each day.
$ 9,997.00 USD
That's Life
We Understand Rock Bottom Hurts A wise man once said... “Problems create strong men, strong men build wealthy nations. Wealthy nations create weak men, and weak men cause problems.” Look around you and you’ll see in the world there exists a pattern of seasons. Seasons that occur on a predictable and measurable scale. Having life within us… The Pattern Can Again Be Found There's a time for us to experience weakness… Like when we couldn’t walk right out of the womb. Or how it took us years to learn to talk. When later in life… It becomes living for the weekend, vacations, or days off. Too many video games and movies,,, Or keeping a job you hate, so you can have nicer things and eat as often as you desire. If you’re in a valley now and feel weak and vulnerable… Like you too have made decisions from weakness... This piece is a reminder that it’s only a season. Things Will Get Better.
$ 6,997.00 USD
It’s Not Enough To Just Do Something… YOU’VE GOT TO BECOME IT, FULLY. That means taking risks. Abstaining from everything that holds you back. Having relentless faith that cannot be shaken. And giving up the security you think you need. You Are Your Dream. You are your perception of the world. You are your environment. This piece will help you let go of the world-view of saftey and security. And guide you to the taste of true freedom… It’s a reminder that you’re not trying to be something you’re not… That you already are that which you desire… ...by the being we think, plan, will, and behave into life. If that “ineffable something” is blocked in any percievable way… Beit fear… Security… Circumstance… This is a reminder created specifcally for you. You’re already there, act as if it is so… And see for yourself.
$ 6,997.00 USD
For those who understand the importance of taking control of thoughts and ideas… Each one shaping who we are in the moment. This reminder that whatever you think, believe, and perceive is what you become… Will inspire you to pause when those things get dark. To breathe and refocus your attention… On what you can control right now… On changes you can create, so instead of wishing and dreaming… You become the very cause of change you need. This piece screams, thought is equal to desire. What you want is how you behave and you behave is who you become.
$ 3,997.00 USD
For the curious ones on a journey of self-discovery… Looking for answers to questions no one knows. No one can teach… No one can reveal… The only thing to do is to look and see for yourself. This is the message… Stop. Be still. Listen to the rhythm of your heart. And dance to the beat of your Destiny. We’re not here to settle for what the world created for us. We’re not here to accept the defaults life set us in. We’re here to bloom into who we truly are meant to be.
$ 3,997.00 USD
There’s something different about life, but you don’t quite know what it is yet... You sense great change, you can feel it… It’s invigorating. This is that “something” poetically poured into your visual cortex. Shhh… you must be still to hear the warm whisper of something incredible brewing… If you’re in a stage of life that feels like EPIC GROWTH… This is for you. It’s beautiful, yet imperfect. It’s finished, yet still in progress. It’s here, now, and totally renewed and upgraded in the future. ...Just like you. You can feel the awe and wonder of life… The sensation of quick, powerful movement… The “pull” of your potential will be drawn out with this piece as a part of your collection. High quality print Matted Framed Masterpiece glass, Certificate of Authentication Display Placard
$ 997.00 USD
Young love, dreams, break ups, the chase for love and freedom… It all swirls together in this whirlwind vortex of magical perception. This piece will suck you in, embrace you, and reveal something beautifully calming. You’ll grow wiser and more emotionally mature. You’ll perceive yourself to be more collected, in control, and powerfully free and authentic. This is for the “Young Lover” transitioning into adulthood. Best suited for those who have begun the journey to fulfill career and family life goals. No matter what happens in life, be it failure or break-ups… This is the message that will remind you that you’re not only okay… You’re flying. And there’s ALWAYS a powerful lesson to learn. Broken heart, scraped knees, utter failure… It all happens. Dream from it, with DREAMSCAPE. High quality print Matted Framed Masterpiece glass, Certificate of Authentication Display Placard
$ 3,997.00 USD
Imagine that… Your skater’s paradise appears before you, an endless skatepark… A world where your imagination becomes reality INSTANTLY. Created with skateboarding in mind, this piece is the ultimate reminder to keep dreaming… Keep imagining… Keep skating… And Never Give Up. It’s those who define themselves as impossible to discourage that end up stomping the trick... If you want to think that way… Skater or not, this is for you. High quality print Matted Framed Masterpiece glass Certificate of Authentication Display Placard
$ 997.00 USD
We get it... no one likes their world crashing down upon them… No one wants to feel the deep sinking feeling of grief, pain, or the torment of suffering. Alas, life is full of negative spaces. It’s full of things and circumstances that are completely out of our control. In a sense, the world and our lives are a chaotic masterpiece. This piece is a reminder that even if your life is in turmoil right now… You can still make something beautiful out of it. How will you see the world differently with this on your wall? Created during a period full of loss… This is the embodiment of, not just the bright side of things, but the beauty in them. No matter how hard it is to find… It’s a reason to keep searching. We call it “Nonsense” because the idea of searching for beauty amongst the suffering seems absurd. Even if it does seem that way right now… You’ll look back at this moment knowing it was the big shift you needed to catapult your life into an incredible season of growth and breakthroughs. High quality print Matted Framed Masterpiece glass Certificate of Authentication Display Placard
$ 2,997.00 USD
Epic Growth V2.
What was once a mysterious outpouring of uncontrollable growth… Is now somewhat manageable. It’s no longer as chaotic as an explosive nuclear bomb... It’s more like spreading warm butter on fresh toast. It’s almost easy. This is for the masters in the making… The ones getting results. Who understand there’s still more to tackle. More to create. More to learn. Most importantly, there’s more to become.
$ 4,997.00 USD
Sex, Love, & Heart-Break
Is sex, love, and heart-break a super power? We believe it actually is… Here’s why. If you’re in the thick of it now, be it a blossoming relationship with marriage and children… Or your engagement got called off, divorce papers served, or your love walked out… You have a rare and powerful opportunity to use your powerful emotions to power forward. Use this piece to cultivate that energy into something useful. It’s time to stop sitting still. It’s time to stop sleeping in. It’s time to stop binge-watching Netflix. And carve out the time to engage in your dreams, because if you do… One day they won’t be dreams anymore. They’ll be birthed into reality and more real than you can possibly imagine.
$ 7,997.00 USD
Life was rough. Really rough… You went through some dark times. You experienced heavy stuff. Maybe you are now… Maybe it’s behind you finally, but at the time you never thought it would be. You struggled. You fought. You failed. But You Hung On Tight. And you made it through the dark times. Celebrate your accomplishment with this magical piece of inspiration. You can accomplish more than you’re capable of understanding… Even when it seems like everything in life is reaching out to pull you farther down.
$ 1,997.00 USD
Does This Mean I'm Dreaming
If you know… you know. Dreams don’t stay… dreams… Do they? Not for people like you. You’re the type of person to see the practicality of dreaming big. You understand how to plan and accomplish your way to fulfillment. You’ve seen it for yourself. Dreams come true. And you decided to dare to dream bigger. You decided you CAN. This piece is a life-force of inspiring motivation that reminds you of this truth. So even on the days when you don’t feel like getting back up and moving forward again… Your heart beats a little faster and your blood is intoxicated with adrenaline. You forge your path forward once again. You’re not dreaming, this is real life, keep going.
$ 2,997.00 USD
This is it, the moment of realization that you don’t deserve anything in life to be handed or gifted to you. Life is the gift. What will YOU BECOME with it? How will you behave, NOW? This is the perfect piece to remind you that you already have the greatest gift of all time. Don’t expect your dreams to be handed over to you so easily. It’s a fight. It’s a journey. It’s an experience. Slow down a little and stop trying to get there so fast. Enjoy your life. It’s the ultimate gift. This is the perfect piece for those who want to embrace every moment. Who wants to cherish the good times. Who wants to go with the flow. Perfect for those who forgot their tunnel-vision made them miss a lot of spectacular moments. And to embrace every experience life has to offer as gold to be valued.
$ 997.00 USD
The Persistence of Thought
Some thoughts act like constant little waves, eroding at the surface of our lives. Some are big splashes that cause noticeable changes to occur in our lives. Others are so massive that they affect everything in our lives… From how we perceive the world around us… To how we interpret events and circumstances. To the stories we tell and what we learn from them. To how we behave and the goals we create. To how committed we are and what, if anything, can stop us from achieving them… The Persistence of Thought is the perfect addition to your collection to keep your thoughts under control. Because a human being who’s controlled by thought… Has given up their ability to create the world. And settled for the imaginary one they suffer through. Instead of owning who and what they truly are.
$ 4,997.00 USD

Although Art Certainly Is A Luxurious Item To Own...
It's Effects On The Body And Mind Are Much Deeper Than Previously Thought

The Calling

I was watching The Lion King when I was a little kid when suddenly the voice in my head went... "Why am I on Earth?" And I totally spaced out. I was in absolute awe over this question, it gave me a sense of purpose - I'm on Earth for a reason.

Not long after that I had seen my dad drawing Marvel Comics and I thought everyone could do it, he made it look incredibly easy. I also recall thinking they all looked like different versions of my dad and it was these moments watching my dad draw that I knew I wanted to be great at drawing. It's my calling, I haven't stopped drawing since that day.

"...my life changed forever..."

"Dad, I want to be baptized." So yeah, I really wanted to get baptized and I didn't fully understand what it was all about of course, I was a little kid, but I wanted it and so my dad was extremely happy to baptize me.

He prepared the bath tub and it was the most humble baptism I've ever heard of. My uncle called just in time to be a witness.

The moment I rose from the water the Holy Spirit filled my heart and I burst out with laughter, I was so full of the love of God and joy erupted from me. I didn't think anything was going to happen, but God really showed me how real He is that day and I'll never forget the feeling of the presence of God. I want to experience His presence every day and I want to show others that He is real too.

Atheist Prays to Jesus!

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"That was the very moment in my life I knew exactly what I had to do and I haven't stopped since."

David Lee Murray

Born in Jerome, Idaho on May 19, 1994, David's mission is to use his artwork as a vehicle for salvation.

He's an award-winning and celebrated artist who's dedicated to creating breath-taking artwork that leaves viewers speechless.

His mission is to introduce Jesus Christ to his viewers simply through investing and viewing his artwork super-charged with the inspiration of Jesus.

Yes, I Want A Commission!
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I'm About to Disclose Your Free Gift, but First...

How Commissions Work

David is extremely particular about the process of commission artwork and doesn't work like other artists...

Because of that, please read every word on this page.

Drawing Ideas, Thoughts, and Questions...

When you click "Book A Call" I will ask you a series of questions to determine if your commission is something I can take on.

I WILL NOT accept specific imagery, scenes, or any type of fan art.

Instead, I provoke your mind to ponderance and attempt to extract your life's most important ideas, thoughts, and questions.

Some of my most exciting work came from clients who hit rock bottom and were searching for a way through...

Or were living their calling and wanted it expressed in the form of artwork they could see before bed...

What's your reason for desiring artwork?

Being filled with the Holy Spirit, I discern the imagery I believe God wants me to draw, then:

  1. Design a series of small thumbnails, collect references, and lay-in the first sketches of the art
  2. Scale up, solving problems while they're small and lacking in details
  3. Go full-scale and create value and texture studies, I also do intensive training sessions on the specific elements inside the piece
  4. Final mapping lay-in is created, you'll see incredibly technical drawing; the "underneath"
  5. Lay-in values, render textures, and solidify the drawing to completion
  6. Frame the masterpiece using top-of-the-line materials
  7. Create a coffee table book that documents the entire process, because every part of the creation of this drawing is magnificent, and I gift it to you free of charge - Finally, I send the entire package to your door

This Is Your Chance to Ask God Your Deepest Questions

...You know, the ones you've had on your heart your entire life...

Maybe you've never felt the Holy Spirit before and you want to...

Maybe you want to know why you're here or what to do with your life...

Perhaps you have questions on your heart or beliefs you can't shake...

Whether your request is any of the above or something totally different, the point is, this is a service unlike any other.

It's depth is like the ocean, orders that are most often accepted are meaningful, impactful, and contain big ideas.

"When you spend thousands of hours on one drawing like I do, you begin to realize that you cannot accept every request. Only the most powerful ideas, thoughts, questions, and concepts are ever accepted. I have extremely limited bandwidth, so I have to be careful and selective about which commissions I take on."


Every Commission Gets A Free Gift

As an added bonus, every accepted commission will also receive a free coffee table book.

A beautiful hard cover book you can proudly show to all your quests, it shows the entire process of your commission from start to finish.

Additionally, you may request one free "Process Print"

Works in progress are full of beauty, that's why in your coffee table book, each step in the process is titled as it's own piece of art and can be printed.

Simply take a look inside and choose which one you want.

Email our team in your confirmation email and we'll send you whichever one you want absolutely free.

Lastly, every order on commissions or prints will receive a free digital eBook,

"The Truth About The Art of David Lee Murray Revealed"

Apply For Your Commission Today

Fill out the form on the following page entirely and we will contact you.

Yes, I Want A Commission!
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David Lee Murray

I want to congratulate you for taking these steps here today, by purchasing artwork from me, you help ensure this work is able to continue on. What's more, you open yourself up to the power of artwork, to the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, and to the possibility of filling your home and your heart with the presence of God.

P.S. Whether you purchase today or not, I think you're amazing for reading through this entire letter. Just by reading this today you've altered your brain and for that I am so grateful!

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