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The Masterpiece Experience

The Calling

I was watching The Lion King when I was a little kid when suddenly the voice in my head went... "Why am I on Earth?" And I totally spaced out. I was in absolute awe over this question, it gave me a sense of purpose - I'm on Earth for a reason.

Not long after that I had seen my dad drawing Marvel Comics and I thought everyone could do it, he made it look incredibly easy. I also recall thinking they all looked like different versions of my dad and it was these moments watching my dad draw that I knew I wanted to be great at drawing. It's my calling, I haven't stopped drawing since that day.

" life changed forever..."

"Dad, I want to be baptized." So yeah, I really wanted to get baptized and I didn't fully understand what it was all about of course, I was a little kid, but I wanted it and so my dad was extremely happy to baptize me.

He prepared the bath tub and it was the most humble baptism I've ever heard of. My uncle called just in time to be a witness.

The moment I rose from the water the Holy Spirit filled my heart and I burst out with laughter, I was so full of the love of God and joy erupted from me. I didn't think anything was going to happen, but God really showed me how real He is that day and I'll never forget the feeling of the presence of God. I want to experience His presence every day and I want to show others that He is real too.

Atheist Prays to Jesus!

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"That was the very moment in my life I knew exactly what I had to do and I haven't stopped since."

David Lee Murray

Born in Jerome, Idaho on May 19, 1994, David's mission is to use his artwork as a vehicle for salvation.

He's an award-winning and celebrated artist who's dedicated to creating breath-taking artwork that leaves viewers speechless.

His mission is to introduce Jesus Christ to his viewers simply through investing and viewing his artwork super-charged with the inspiration of Jesus.

Yes, I Want A Commission!
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I'm About to Disclose Your Free Gift, but First...

How Commissions Work

David is extremely particular about the process of commission artwork and doesn't work like other artists...

Because of that, please read every word on this page.

Drawing Ideas, Thoughts, and Questions...

When you click "Book A Call" I will ask you a series of questions to determine if your commission is something I can take on.

I WILL NOT accept specific imagery, scenes, or any type of fan art.

Instead, I provoke your mind to ponderance and attempt to extract your life's most important ideas, thoughts, and questions.

Some of my most exciting work came from clients who hit rock bottom and were searching for a way through...

Or were living their calling and wanted it expressed in the form of artwork they could see before bed...

What's your reason for desiring artwork?

Being filled with the Holy Spirit, I discern the imagery I believe God wants me to draw, then:

  1. Design a series of small thumbnails, collect references, and lay-in the first sketches of the art
  2. Scale up, solving problems while they're small and lacking in details
  3. Go full-scale and create value and texture studies, I also do intensive training sessions on the specific elements inside the piece
  4. Final mapping lay-in is created, you'll see incredibly technical drawing; the "underneath"
  5. Lay-in values, render textures, and solidify the drawing to completion
  6. Frame the masterpiece using top-of-the-line materials
  7. Create a coffee table book that documents the entire process, because every part of the creation of this drawing is magnificent, and I gift it to you free of charge - Finally, I send the entire package to your door

This Is Your Chance to Ask God Your Deepest Questions

...You know, the ones you've had on your heart your entire life...

Maybe you've never felt the Holy Spirit before and you want to...

Maybe you want to know why you're here or what to do with your life...

Perhaps you have questions on your heart or beliefs you can't shake...

Whether your request is any of the above or something totally different, the point is, this is a service unlike any other.

It's depth is like the ocean, orders that are most often accepted are meaningful, impactful, and contain big ideas.

"When you spend thousands of hours on one drawing like I do, you begin to realize that you cannot accept every request. Only the most powerful ideas, thoughts, questions, and concepts are ever accepted. I have extremely limited bandwidth, so I have to be careful and selective about which commissions I take on."


Every Commission Gets A Free Gift

As an added bonus, every accepted commission will also receive a free coffee table book.

A beautiful hard cover book you can proudly show to all your quests, it shows the entire process of your commission from start to finish.

Additionally, you may request one free "Process Print"

Works in progress are full of beauty, that's why in your coffee table book, each step in the process is titled as it's own piece of art and can be printed.

Simply take a look inside and choose which one you want.

Email our team in your confirmation email and we'll send you whichever one you want absolutely free.

Lastly, every order on commissions or prints will receive a free digital eBook,

"The Truth About The Art of David Lee Murray Revealed"

Apply For Your Commission Today

Fill out the form on the following page entirely and we will contact you.

Yes, I Want A Commission!
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David Lee Murray

I want to congratulate you for taking these steps here today, by purchasing artwork from me, you help ensure this work is able to continue on. What's more, you open yourself up to the power of artwork, to the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, and to the possibility of filling your home and your heart with the presence of God.

P.S. Whether you purchase today or not, I think you're amazing for reading through this entire letter. Just by reading this today you've altered your brain and for that I am so grateful!

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